released April 15, 2011



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PRESSURE Faro, Portugal

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Track Name: Trapped inside

trapped inside a world you hate
can't get out
gonna leave my mark
gonna do my part
dying to get out

trapped inside a world you hate
take control and choose your fate
feeling powerless, I'm fucking scared
gave my all, more than I could bear
Track Name: Crossed out

wires cut, no strings attached
dropped, you're left on your own
you're feeling empty, want to be part
seeking a crutch right from the start

pushing back, cut the crap,
face your past, I'm still trying
pushing back, the easy path,
just a trap, I'm crossed out

I'm gonna spend this life alive
you settled, you're sinking, you just survive
all the shit that you promote
addictions shoved down my throat

everything's crashing down
without making a fucking sound
I'm crossed out
take a pill, follow the crowd
I stand against, I'm shouting it out loud
I'm crossed out

raging tides pulling me under
holding onto my thoughts
I'm left to wonder why you
build it up to watch it all burn
sucks the life out your veins, there's no return
Track Name: Your rage

I faced it and missed it
but won't stop trying
losing, failing, still I'm learning
you would, you could, I haven't seen shit!

you're drifting out,
and I feel your rage
trapped in a cage
selling my soul for a wage
I'll break these chains

Did you want to see me giving up?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
even with an anchor pulling me down
like the certainty of tides, I'll rise.

you're drifting out,
and I feel your rage
the world you move in it's just a stage
you're acting out,
and I feel your rage
the world you live in it's just a cage
Track Name: Two faced

it's wearing thin, it's adding up
what the fuck can I do?
look at what you've become
the roles you play, fooling everyone

doesn't matter
how hard you try
better be hated for what you are,
than loved for what you're not

look me in the eye
you're living a lie
and you know it

two faced, nobody trusts you
you stand for nothing, can't see it through
you try and try to please everyone
I'm sick of this words come undone
now you're dropping names
going down in flames
I'm sick of this words come undone
Track Name: Gaining Ground

breaking down the walls of silence
we've been building around
running, but we're not going far
until this wound turns into a scar

I gotta clear my head
cause I'm hangging by a thread
I'm gonna break it down
conformity won't keep gaining ground

standing still, holding back
be the spark, take that step
pass the blame, we’re standing by
we take this for granted, but if no one cares it just dies
Track Name: Save your breath

your selfish nature taking hold
new day dawns, pray for the old
I have my hopes but accept the facts
The best to come will never come back
‘Cause it’so easy to be
carried away, biting the bait,
relieving the burden of thinking,
I refuse, I’m holding on

save your breath I won’t agree to
fit in a mold that sickens me

rise up from a past that's rooted in pain
hate the concept so I keep my head in the game,
in what’s real, no reward after death,
you’re in charge so use the power you possess